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Who We Are


- Specialized in promotion items, such as uniform, shirt, jacket, hat, bag, etc;
- Offered end-to-end services starting from designing, producing and delivering to your door.

- Our clients come from all walk of lives from government institutions, private sectors, hospitals and nursery academies, universities, fast food restaurants, wholesale supermarkets, etc.

- To name a few, some our oustanding clients from the private sectors are listed bellow:
1. PT. Lotte Mart Indonesia / PT. Lotte Shopping Indonesia (we won one-year contract from July 2013-July 2014 to produce employee uniforms for all stores in Indonesia);
2. PT. Frigoglass Indonesia (we have been producing the company’s yearly uniform for the last 3 years starting from 2010 until now);
3. PT. LF Asia (we have been producing the company’s yearly uniform for the last 2 years starting from 2011 until now. Charissa also caters all internal needs of the company such as uniform for meeting, outbound, bag, etc);
4. PT. Kinocare Era Kosmetindo (we produced all kinds of company’s uniforms for the Sales Promotion Girls (SPG) such as SPG’s uniform for ‘Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga’,
SPG’s uniform for ‘Cosmetic Ellips’, promotion items for goody bags for ‘Cosmetic Ellips’ customers);
5. PT. Lion Wings (we produced SPG’s uniform for ‘Kodomo Shampoo’, SPG’s uniform for ‘Emeron Lovely’, SPG’s uniform for ‘ Zinc Shampoo”, promotion items for souvenirs, jackets, for ‘Ciptadent Toothpaste‘);
6. PT. Wyeth Indonesia (We produced SPG’s uniform for ‘Bonakid’ and ‘Nutrisoy’, internal meeting uniforms for the company’s staff);
7. PT. Antarmitra Sembada (We produced SPG’s uniform for ‘Purebaby’ and their internal uniform);
8. PT Nestle Indonesia (We produced SPG's uniform for 'Nescafe', 'Milo', 'Bear Brand', 'Koko crunch', 'Honey Star', 'Friskies', 'Alpo', uniform for company’s internal meeting and gathering).

- Should you need further information on the complete list of our clients, please do not hesitate to contact us on their details.

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Telephone: +62-21-33530008